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At your desk 1

Enables centralised management of paper and electronic documents.

At your desk 2

Instant information sharing without complicated settings

In the office (document management)

Secure information management

In the office (work-flow)

Better visibility in routine work, greater utilisation of information

Outside the office

Your cloud-based documents go wherever your business takes you


Enables centralised management of paper and electronic documents.

Electronic documents can be displayed, edited and handled like papers on the computer display

DocuWorks 8 allows you to manage electronic files like handling paper documents that are lined up on a physical desk. It comprises of an electronic desk (DocuWorks Desk) and a viewer (DocuWorks Viewer) for you to view and edit documents on your computer display.

The "electronic desk"

DocuWorks Desk displays DocuWorks files lined up as if they are documents placed on a physical desk. Editing, such as stacking and unstacking, can be done easily.


View and edit DocuWorks documents

With the DocuWorks Viewer, you can view DocuWorks documents as though you are looking at the documents you are holding in your hands. Editing, such as annotating, adding and deleting pages, can be done effortlessly.


Complete routine tasks smoothly. More efficient searches

Task Toolbar ("Useful Features") - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

The Task Toolbar allows you to register frequently-used DocuWorks features and shortcuts to folders such that you can access them with convenience and work in an intuitive manner. You can customise the toolbar in accordance to your routine work process.


Effective use of colours to organise your folders - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

By adding colours to the folders displayed in the folder tree effectively, visibility is improved. You can identify the target folders more readily and operation mistakes can be minimised.


Get the information you need immediately - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

  • Strengthened search feature
    From the top of the DocuWorks Desk*1 , you can perform an index search immediately. It is possible for you to further refine your searches by filtering the search results according to file types or sizes. Using the "Find & Mark Plug-in", pages that return positive results will be tagged and the text strings highlighted. Required information can be found very efficiently.
  • Add attributes and Refined search of files
    Information such as names of customers and delivery date can be added to DocuWorks files as attributes. DocuWorks files added with these attributes can be displayed on the workspace by refine-searching a large amount of files using the attribute view.
  • *1"Windows® Search 4.0 or later" is required.

Improved display for a better viewing experience

Creating document sets for sharing or storing - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

Using the DocuWorks binder, multiple DocuWorks documents, which are related, can be bound together while maintained as individual files. You can sort, re-paginate, add and remove individual files from the binder easily.


Different page view options for a more comfortable viewing experience - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

DocuWorks offers a variety of page view options and you can choose one that best suit your usage requirement. For instance, the Continuous Page and Facing Page views are useful for when you need to check through a long list of pages.

Split display of a document file - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

Individual pages of a document file can be displayed adjacent to the document viewer using the split display. At a glance, you will be able to understand the composition of the document, rearrange and edit the pages effortlessly.

Easy-to-see Page Sorter display - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

Individual pages of a document can be laid out orderly with a display magnification ranging from 10% to 33%. This display feature is especially useful when you need to change the order of pages of mixed sizes.

As convenient as handling paper - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

Operations similar to processing of paper documents, such as adding notepads, writing with markers, and stamping, can be applied to electronic documents. You can handle electronic documents like papers ones, but in a more efficient way.

Easy to handle large drawings - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

Some documents, such as large drawings, are difficult to handle. To minimise troublesome scrolling, the DocuWorks Viewer enables you select jump to specified areas of a large document quickly and easily.

Instant information sharing without complicated settings

Smooth coordination with Office software

Smooth coordination with Office software - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

It is possible to add a DocuWorks Document creation button on the toolbars of Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, and Microsoft® PowerPoint® to create DocuWorks documents conveniently. When converting a file to a DocuWorks document, you can compress and attach the original data to it and if the file is edited and saved*1 , a new DocuWorks document with the updated data attached is automatically generated.

Split workspace - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

Files stored in different folders can be displayed concurrently on one screen. File transfers between two folder locations can be performed easily by dragging them from one area of the DocuWorks Desk workspace to another.

Making documents interactive - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

You can make DocuWorks documents interactive by adding hyperlinks. Reading experience can be improved significantly with hyperlinks as you can get to the required information immediately with just one click of a button.

  • *1The corresponding application is required.

Sharing information with team members

Sharing your workspace with colleagues - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

Using "Neighborhood Desks", you can share with up to a maximum of 20 people who are connected to it in the same subnet. Information can be shared easily within a team without setting up a special server with this feature.

Create linkage with network folders - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

Shared documents saved in the Link folders are displayed as thumbnails and they can be easily located and checked. Searching and editing of documents in the network is possible with DocuWorks Desk, making the distribution of information smoother.

Personalise your workspace - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

You can add annotations to the DocuWorks Desk workspace to help you visualise document categories and other information for better communication and information sharing.

  • NoteNot available for "Neighborhood Desks".

Secure information management

Meticulous security / OCR operation is made easier

Meticulous security - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

Equipped with 56 bit, 128 bit and 256 bit password security features, security can be set for individual DocuWorks documents/binders or collectively for multiple DocuWorks files. Operational restrictions such as "Editing prohibited", "Printing prohibited" and "Copying prohibited" can be applied.

Create searchable documents - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

The built-in OCR feature*1 can be applied to embed text information into DocuWorks documents that are created from scanned documents and the contents within can be searched easily. The OCR results can be displayed and revised in the InfoView of the DocuWorks Viewer. Alternatively, it can also be output to an Microsoft® Excel® file or a file in text format.

OCR operation is made easier - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

You can carry out OCR processing conveniently with just one click of a button from the "Useful Features" toolbar.

  • *1ABBYY® FineReader® Engine v.10.

Tight coordination with PDF files

PDF file preview

Using the Preview window, contents of PDF files can be checked on the DocuWorks Desk without opening the file or converting it into a DocuWorks document.

Stacking and unstacking of PDF files

PDF files on the DocuWorks Desk can be stacked and unstacked in the same way as DocuWorks documents.

Smooth conversion [1] PDF to DocuWorks document file conversion*1

PDF files can be converted to easy-to-handle DocuWorks documents smoothly without the use of additional application software. Text information is retained in the converted DocuWorks documents, and hence information on commonly used PDF documents within or outside the company can be utilised effectively.

Smooth conversion [2] DocuWorks to PDF file conversion

Using the DocuWorks PDF creator, you can easily convert DocuWorks document and binders into PDF files.
  1. At the DocuWorks Desk, select the DocuWorks documents or binders you want to convert to PDF files.
  2. Click on the "Convert to PDF" button, and the selected document will be converted to a PDF file.
  3. The PDF icon is displayed at the bottom-left corner of the converted PDF files so that you can distinguish them from DocuWorks documents at a glance.
  • *1"PDF Preview Display" and "Convert from PDF file to DocuWorks document file" features cannot be applied to some PDF files such as those with security.

Better visibility in routine work, greater utilisation of information

Grouping multiple documents into one package for easy delivery - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

DocuWorks 8 offers "Clear Folder" and "Envelope", which enable multiple documents in different file formats to be saved as a combined package, and to be transferred at one time. Messages can be added on the front cover of "Clear Folder" and "Envelope" without modifying the documents within and it facilitates the delivery and acceptance of documents, such as one with a electronic signature.

When you use Clear Folder and Envelope, you can group documents of different file formats such as office documents and image files together as a package for distribution. They are useful when sending documents in batches at the tray.

Distribute and receive documents easily using document trays - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

The Document Tray Option*1 realises intuitive receiving and sending of documents and can be useful in improving operational processes using graphically displayed icons. You can receive and send paper documents in a computer environment utilising the tray in a similar manner as placing paper documents in a document tray. In addition, the Document Tray option can cooperate with multifunction devices*2 and the Working Folder*3 for more efficient document distributions.

  • *1Sold separately.
  • *2ApeosPort-III / DocuCentre-III series or higher.
  • *3A cloud service provided by Fuji Xerox with a monthly fee.

Your cloud-based documents go wherever your business takes you

Seamless coordination with the cloud - Features of DocuWorks Desk -

By linking DocuWorks and the Fuji Xerox cloud service, Working Folder*1 , you can conveniently access the documents you need on to go and achieve higher work efficiency. Documents are displayed as thumbnails on the DocuWorks Desk and they can be uploaded and downloaded easily by simple drag and drop operation.

  • *1A cloud service provided by Fuji Xerox with a monthly fee.

Full-screen display optimised for presentations - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

DocuWorks documents can be displayed over the entire monitor for presentation. Some applications software are not equipped with presentation features, but with DocuWorks, large drawings can be presented effectively on projectors and computer screens to the audience.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

Supplies apps allowing DocuWorks documents to be read from smartphones and tablets running on iOS and AndroidTM*1 *2 . Editing features such as notepad*3 and freehand*3 annotation are available. A separate application that supports access to the Working Folder*4 from your mobile devices is also provided.

  • *1DocuWorks Viewer Light (AndroidTM/iOS).
  • *2AndroidTM version is available on the Google PlayTM and iOS version on App Store.
  • *3The followings are fare-paying functions for DocuWorks Viewer Light (AndroidTM/iOS) :
    [Applicable features] addition / deletion / registration / moving of annotations, attribute changes
  • *4DocuWorks Folder (AndroidTM) is available on the Google PlayTM, and DocuWorks Folder (iOS) on App Store without charge.

Signing using Electronic Signature and Digital Certificates - Features of DocuWorks Viewer -

Using the DocuWorks Electronic Signature*1 or Digital Certificate*2 , you can attach electronic signatures*3 to DocuWorks documents protecting them against illegal access, falsification, or other malicious actions. Certificate information is obtained and verified to ensure that the signer is legitimate and that the document was not edited after being signed.

  • *1The DocuWorks Electronic Signature feature does not use Digital Certificates issued by a certificate authority.
  • *2If you intend to use a signature based on a Digital Certificate, you will have to obtain a user's individual certificate from the certificate authority,and the interim certificate and root certificate of the certificate authority.
  • *3Documents with electronic signatures are not compatible with Ver.4. Furthermore, paper documents that are printouts of DocuWorks documents with seal imprints or signature images attached cannot be handled as sealed documents or signed documents under the law.



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